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Android now has the largest market share.

According to Nielson data, the Android phone platform has now captured the largest market share. This is good news for the  embattled phone platform, as more and more people choose Android over the competition.

This trend is likely to continue. The Android platform is more open than it’s competitors. Any one can have an App and their main venue for distribution of Apps is more open also. With iOS (Apples’ iPhones) there is a much higher bar for entry. With the others (Microsoft and RIM) the environment is much more closed, so only the biggest companies can afford the licensing and development costs.

The 2nd Quarter 2011 numbers:

Android 39%
iOS 28%
Blackberry 20%
Windows Mobile/W7 9%
Other 4%


E-commerce Web Sites

When planing an e-commerce website there are a few major points to consider. Taking the time to prepare will save on development and programming time. You should have the goal of getting your site online and selling ASAP! Continue reading