Your website is the public face of your business, it has to be a coordinated part of your marketing and advertising plan. A website is a significant investment of resources, and you should be thinking about brand, return on investment, and customer retention. A website alone, will not drive traffic to your business. bring traffic to your site and drive your business, by usining search engine optimization, social media and online advertising will.

Branding – The website should be an extension of your brand. The design should incorporate any logos and color schemes that you are currently using. A launch of a new website is a great time to re-brand your business. Let your us know about any current branding you may have or which direction you would like to go in. With our partners we can create a new brand for your business.

Return on Investment – A website is a capital investment for your business. Having a well designed website will increase both online and physical traffic to your business. An improperly designed site can cost your business dearly. We know that your purpose is to make a return on your investment and we’ll make sure your website will help you do that.

Advertising – With your new website you will need to get the word out. Search engine optimization will help your site go up in the rankings, but it does take time and customer may not really know your business. Old fashion advertising combined with modern methods will yield the best results. We can help you craft and set up advertising campaigns to get the word out about your business.

Retention – This is where social media shines. Customer sign up for your business’s social media channels. Your business now has a direct connection to your customers and your customer to you. Listen to your customers, provide superior customer service, and use social media to promote your successes and communicate your new products and promotions directly to those who want to know. We can help you set up and develop social media campaigns for your business.