Web Design

Logo7 Media has over 15 years combined experience in web design and hosting websites. We know the business aspects of why you need to have a website and how to reach your customers. Let us be a partner in building your your online business. We can start you with your first website, set up online shopping, or connect with your customers with social media.

Your Needs on Your Budget.
We know that times are tough and budgets tight. We won’t oversell you features and services. While we offer a complete advanced solution to web design, we can work with you no matter what your budget. Let us know and we can tailor a custom solution for you.

Return on Investment
The most important part of your website is your return on investment. We optimize design to make sure that your sites are easy for your customers to use and find the information they need to find your business and make purchases. Don’t discount the power of a website to reach your customers and provide them added benefits such as online discounts, coupons, and social media connections.

Social Media and Search Engine Optimization
All of our design is SEO friendly, your sites will be indexed by major search engines such as Google. We can help craft socialĀ  and SEO campaigns to get your site out in front of those who you want to reach. Your website and online presence is an extension of your marketing and should be treated as such. A properly promoted website will draw new customers to your business.