Looking for a Designer?

Web designers come in all shapes and sizes. When hiring a web designer you should investigate them as you would making any purchase from any service provider. Web designers are professionals who work to bring your website from concept to working site. Think of a web designers as automotive engineers, they have to design your car (the web site), work under the hood (the programming), and know how to get it to run on the road (the Internet).  Web designers need to know about web graphics and usability, programming in HTML, CSS, and a scripting language like PHP or ASP. They also need to know about web hosting and how to get your site live on the web.

Some basic areas to ask questions of your web designer are:

1. Knowledge

What is your designers experience? What languages do they program in or use, can they explain them. Is the designer full time? Some designers are part-time or have limited skill sets. Does the programmer outsource their work, if so why?

2. Professionalism

Does the web designers web site look professional? Do they provide contracts to guarantee their work. Do they have a portfolio of previous work available to review? Are they able to bill professionally and accept check or credit card payments? Are they willing to meet with you to discuss your site in person or by phone?

3. Design

Take a look at the web designers portfolio. Do you like how the web designer has designed the sites in the portfolio? While there can be vast differences between sites due to client requirements, do you feel that the the sites are functional? Are navigation and graphics clean and well done?

4. Cost and Timeliness

Talk to your web designer about how long it will take to complete your site. Ask about pricing, and compare pricing. A web designer who has a very low bid indicates someone who may not be able to command a decent price for their services for a number of reasons (low skill, low completion rate, outsourcing to foreign designers). A high bid may indicate a more professional operation that has higher overhead, such as advertising, office space rental, and management expenses that it is passing along in the bid.

Our position on these questions at Logo7 Media

Logo7 Media believes in creating well designed and functional site at a fair price. We try to control our overhead costs to provide competitive quotes. We can work with you on your budget and give you options to get your website built.

We contract all of our work, but we also value our word. We don’t outsource our work overseas. We do, at appropriate times, assemble the right team of local developers and designers to provide our clients a well done and timely website.

Our office is open 9am to 5pm EST and can schedule calls whenever you are available.  We are available in the Columbus, Ohio area to meet face to face with local clients. Call 614-571-1171 today to speak with us.